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Puzzle Ring Solution Instructions
7 band puzzle ring solution instructions for designs: 7, 7B, 7S, 7S RUBIES, 7S DIAMONDS, 7S SAPPHIRES, 7WA, 7N, 7NG,

Diamond and Plain 7 Band Puzzle Ring Solution Instructions ©
For design MEN= MG-7B
 and LADIES= LG-7B

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1) Place Center Band between the thumb and forefinger in your left hand with lip near top of band facing away from you 2) Bring band from bottom up with your right hand and place next to center band. The outside portion of the band will be against the center band with the flat stamped side out. Switch hands.
3) Bring other band from bottom up with your left hand and place next to center band. This is the other outside band 4) Grasp band stamped “Jose” in your right hand with the stamp facing towards you, the bands in your right hand to fall down to one side. This band is the band that crosses over on a diagonal when the ring is assembled
5) Bring up one band from behind the “Jose” band. It will fit against the “Jose” band and from this point on these two bands act as 1. 6) Grasp two bands on bottom and fit them together. Bring bands up towards you until hey are parallel to the “Jose” band.
7) Holding bands in your left hand between your thumb and forefinger, turn clockwise 8) Continue turning until you have completed a 180-degree rotation
9) The bands should fit together holding the remaining 5 bands in place. 10) When this step is complete the bands should form an “X” holding the three other bands in place
11) Take the center band and gently push the band down into the center of the assembled rings. 12) The band should slip down and fit into the 4 assembled bands
13) Take the first band on the side facing you in step 9 and rotate the band until the irregular shaped part is on the inside of the ring. 14) When you have completed the rotation, be sure that the “V” shaped part on the inside of the ring is over the remaining loose bands
15) Bring band up and it will fit next to the other bands. 16) Take the next band on the opposite side and rotate the irregular shaped part to the inside if the ring
17) When you have finished the rotation bring the band up to the remainder of the assembled bands Admire your puzzle ring!

Special thanks to Jose Grant who provided us with the above directions!