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Puzzle Ring Solution Instructions
4 band puzzle ring solution instructions for designs: 4125, 41A, 41N, 4C1, 4C2,4G, 4L, 4LTW2X, 4N, 4NX, 4T, 4TW2X, 4WR

4 Band Puzzle Ring Solution Instructions
Except 4C3, 4F, 4CH, and 4CHWB


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1.  Hold band stamped 1 (rounded outside band) with the irregular portion up and in your  left hand.

2.   Bring band stamped 2 (other outside band) up against 1 band forming diamond shape. Note- these are the outside bands when the ring is assembled. 

3.  Grasp band stamped 4 in your right  hand with the stamp facing towards you, allowing 1 band and 2 band to fall down to one side. This band is the band that crosses over on a diagonal when the ring is assembled. 

4.   Take the band on the bottom, stamped 3 and bring it up towards you with your left hand until the rings are parallel. 

5. Holding the 3 band between your   thumb and forefinger, turn band   clockwise.

6.   Continue turning band until you have completed a 180-degree rotation. 

7. The bands should fit together, holding   the two outside bands (1 and 2)

8.   When the last step is completed, 3 and 4 create an X.

9.   Take the first band on the same side which is 2 and rotate the band until    the irregular shaped part is on the inside of the ring. 

10. When you have completed the rotation, be sure that the V shaped part on the inside of the ring is over the remaining loose band. 

11. Bring band up and fit against 3  and 4.

12. Turn ring around and start rotating 1 until the irregular part of the band is on the inside.

13. When you have completed the rotation, bring 1 band up against the other    three rings.

Admire your puzzle ring !


Special thanks to Jose Grant who provided us with the above directions!